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Harpers Ferry Heritage Trail

Harpers Ferry Heritage Trail was designed for scouts and small youth groups to discover the history of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

The Harpers Ferry Heritage Trail booklet contains 38 questions, a separate answer sheet and map, an application for awards, an introduction to Harpers Ferry and instructions for completing the trail.

Each troop follows the map to the site of the corresponding question. Answers can be found inside a museum, outside of a museum or on a wayside exhibit along the trail.

The first 23 questions are located in the Lower Town district of Harpers Ferry, questions 24-29 are located on Camp Hill/the Former Storer College Campus, and the remaining part of the trail is located on Virginius Island. Group leaders may determine the time or ability to complete a section or the entire trail (approximately 2 miles) and are to conduct & award their troops at their own discretion. We recommend one booklet per group or per chaperone.

You may purchase patches or hiking medallions at the National Park Bookshop. If you wish to make a purchase before your visit please feel free to call the Park Bookshop at 304-535-6881 or visit the Park Bookshop online. We would be glad to ship them to you.

Retrieve a copy of the Harpers Ferry Heritage Trail

Retrieve a copy of the Harpers Ferry Heritage Trail ยป

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